Meet the Vendors

Every month, we will feature some of our stallholders.

Funky Irish Penguin


Robyn started making healing stones into jewellery, in November 2020, hoping it will help people. She recently expanded her products and now she also make earrings, bracelets and wire wrapped rings. She chose the penguin as her logo because when a penguin finds a mate, it searches the beach until it finds the perfect rock to give to its significant other.



.harvest grew out of Hannah love of good quality food.

 She grew up surrounded by a family of great cooks, led by her grandmother who was a master baker in her eyes! On setting up .harvest, Hannah considered the process which takes place from seed to plate. The painstaking work done by farmers every season to ensure as much as they can, a successful crop.  They work the soil , sow the crops, tend to them and ultimately allow Nature take its course.  They wait patiently for the harvest and its glorious abundance.

So using best quality ingredients , organic where possible she produce handmade brown breads , fresh scones , cakes and cookies.  Delicious!

Lekker Food Collection


2 chefs who want to share their love of food. They are focused on South African and French food making old time classics.

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